How to Jailbrake Playstation 3 in 2020

In this article I will describe some basic regarding using PS3 in this time.

Actually there are two option.

  • We can jailbrake all PS3 and use hybrid firmware (HFW)
  • We can choose some model where is possible rewrite official firmware with custom firmware(CFW)

As Custom firmware offers more option, what we can do , I prefer to choose PS3 which there is possible.
For this reason is the best model with number CECH-21xxB,CECH-25xxA,CECH-25xxB. Its only model PS3 Slim.

Be careful because CECH-25xxA and CECH-25xxB must be with production date with 2010 not later. That means on the tag must be only date code only (0A, 0B,0C,0D).

So if we have this model we can do few things before we jailbrake the console.

  • Change HDD for bigger and faster, because after jailbrake and flash memory with custom firmware all hdd data will be removed.
  • clean and repaste ps3

the procedure is following.

  • go to the page in your ps3 save backup of your flash memory and do jailbrake
  • download latest custom firmware in my case REBUG 4.86.1 LITE EDITION save it on USB disk (formted with fat32)
  • on the same USB disk also download multiMAN (BASE v04.85.01)
  • upgrade the console with this rebug CFW firmware
  • after you have install rebug CFW go to package manager/standar installation and install multiMAN from usb driver.
  • after we start multiMan there starting on the background FTP server, so we can connect like anonymous and start to transfer backup games.

one important thing, if you want flash the memory with custom firmware you can do only with same or above version as current official version is.
If you want use lower version of custom firmware than is your OFW version, you have to firstly downgrade to 3.55 and going back. So it take some times because you need to do some restarts during downgrade and upgrade. For this procedure you also need to use QA Flag in Rebug Tools box.

Something about PS3 backups

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