E2E testing, Continous integration with Jenkins

We will use Jenkins server with docker from previous article. Our goal for today will be run E2E test with using framework nightwatchjs+ cucumberjs+selenium on Jenkins server.

Let’s get started.

We have:

go to the http://localhost:1111/jenkins/pluginManager/ and login with user name and password “admin

We need install following plugin:

after restart go to the http://localhost:1111/jenkins/blue and login again with name and password “admin

Now we can create and run new pipeline

Jenkins Blueocean – New Pipeline

and that’s it.

As you can see we have two branches

For Master Branch we are using Cucumber and that’s the reason why we needed to install cucumber-report plugin.

We can see all is green, but when we want check cucumber report we need to have a look somewhere else.

Click on go to classic, and we switch to old jenkins style

classic view of jenkins jobs
Cucumber report in Jenkins

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