How to automatically change email and user name per remote repository for git

$ cd
$ nano .gitconfig 
	name = my_user
	email =
	name = my_user
	email =
	templatedir = templatedir = ~/git/.git-templates
	useConfigOnly = true
mkdir mkdir -p ~/git/.git-templates/hooks

file <post-checkout>

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# make regex matching below case insensitive
shopt -s nocasematch

# values in the services array should have a corresponding section in
# .gitconfig where the 'name' and 'email' for that service are specified
remote_url="$( git config --get --local remote.origin.url )"

set_local_user_config() {
	local service="${1}"
	local config="${2}"
	local service_config="$( git config --get ${service}.${config} )"
	local local_config="$( git config --get --local user.${config} )"

	if [[ "${local_config}" != "${service_config}" ]]; then
		git config --local "user.${config}" "${service_config}"
		echo "repo 'user.${config}' has been set to '${service_config}'"

# if remote_url doesn't contain the any of the values in the services
# array the user name and email will remain unset and the
# user.useConfigOnly = true setting in .gitconfig will prompt for those
# credentials and prevent commits until they are defined
for s in "${services[@]}"; do
	if [[ "${remote_url}" =~ "${s}" ]]; then
		set_local_user_config "${s}" 'name'
		set_local_user_config "${s}" 'email'
$git config --global init.templatedir ~/git/.git-templates

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