How to export spotify playlist and downloading to MP3

How to export spotify playlist

I have used this link

After you click on “Get Started” you will get list of your playlists from your spotify account. When you click on “export icon” next to your playlist,  playlist will be save on your local device in format csv.

Ok so now you have all your favorite songs with the names and inteprets.

How to get MP3 from your playlist

If you want save your playlist directly to mp3, there is nothing more easy.

Just download and install program AlltoMP3.

If you are logged in Spotify web player just choose your favorite music and right side button on your mouse with choise copy Album/Song/Playlist link. And insert the link, in AlltoMP3 program, like this

After you press ‘enter’ mp3 download of your favorite MP3 will be start.

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