How to share data over virtual box-Linux Guest

In this article I will focuse on installed Linux (fedora distribution -29 server edition) like a guest into VirtualBox and like a host OS will be Windows OS.
Before we can use sharing folders between both systems, we have to download from this

We need to download VirtualBox in our case for Windows hosts version and extension pack and install it. After installation both files we can see in VirtualBox menu File/Preferences/Extensions extension pack.

After instalation fedora OS into VirtualBox we can login as root and do folowing

  • go to the VirtualBox menu/devices/Insert guest additions CD Image…
  • run these comands
# dnf update kernel*
# dnf install make gcc  dkms bzip2 perl kernel-headers kernel-devel
# sudo mount -r /dev/cdrom /media

# cd /media
# sudo ./ 
  • restart linux with command reboot
  • login as root and use these commands
# mkdir /usr/share/myshare
  • set on your host OS your share folder in VirtualBox
  • and go back in to you quest Os Linux (fedora) and mount your Window folder into Linux OS with this command
# mount -t vboxsf fedora_share /usr/share/myshare

According to user who will use this share we need to set permission

# sudo adduser username vboxsf
  • if you want to have share folder available upon start from guest (Linux – Fedora) folow this steps
# nano /etc/fstab

add folowing line at the end

fedora_share    /usr/share/myshare    vboxsf  comment=systemd.automount     0       0

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