Basis is a set of programs and tools that act as an interface with Database, Operating system, communication protocols and other SAP modules like FI, HCM, SD etc. In this article I will try to focus on IDES, how to install on local PC and how can be use for learning for free.


IDES, it the Demonstration and Education System’ in the SAP systems, represents a model company. It consists of an international group of companies with subsidiaries in several countries. IDES contains
application data for various business scenarios that can be run in a SAP System. The business
processes in the IDES system are designed to reflect real-life business requirements, and
have access to many realistic characteristics.


IDES uses easy-to-follow business scenarios to show you the comprehensive functions of
the SAP systems. The focal point of IDES, however, is not the functionality itself, but the
business processes and their integration.
The individual demos provide you with an overview of the master data, and contain step by-
step instructions on how to execute the individual processes.
IDES covers not only the Logistics area, but also Financial and Human Resources. It
demonstrates how the SAP ERP System is able to support practically all types of industries,
from discrete production through to process industries, from engineering-to-order to repetitive
manufacturing. However, IDES is not a sector-oriented model company. The individual
processes are based on practice-oriented data for sectors such as Retailing or Banking. The
IDES group manufactures products as diverse as elevators, motorcycles, and paints.
IDES is managed by SAP just as any regular business enterprise. SAP regularly updates the
IDES data (master data, transaction data, and customizing). You also carry out period-end
closing and plan with different time horizons. Transaction data are generated to ensure
that the information systems in all areas have access to realistic evaluation data. You are
constantly implementing new, interesting business scenarios to highlight the very latest
functions available in the SAP systems. New functions are represented and documented by
IDES scenarios.

Above all, IDES shows you the possibilities of the integrated applications in the SAP
System. You cover all aspects of a business enterprise, including Human Resources, Financial
Accounting, Product Cost Planning, Overhead Management, Profitability Analysis, Planning,
Sales and Distribution, Materials Management, Production, and much, much more. You
also have integrated document administration and  third-party CAD systems within the
IDES system. This means that you can call up and display external documents, or access
CAD drawings.
IDES shows you how the SAP ERP System supports production processes, the supply chain,
and the efficient usage of global resources. Or perhaps you would like to increase your
understanding of just-in-time production or the integration of the electronic KANBAN
system in an MRP II environment? IDES provides the ideal way to learn about areas such
as Product Cost Controlling, Activity-Based Costing, or Integrated Service Management and
Plant Maintenance. How to manage high inflation is just one of the ever-growing number
of IDES business scenarios that you can choose from.
The IDES group comprises four subgroups. These are the European subgroup, with a plant
in Germany, the Netherlands and other countries, and the North America group, the Latin
America group and Asia. Each of these companies has its own clearly defined business
objectives within the consolidated group and is organized according to local business practices
and legal requirements. Consolidation takes place across the financial areas. For example, the
French subsidiary operates solely as a sales company, whereas in Mexico, you demonstrate
high-inflation methods and the material ledger. The American and German subsidiaries
produce goods, as well as carrying out purchasing and sales activities. Accounting and
Human Resources for each individual company have been adapted to meet the particular
business objectives. Germany and the United States, for example, have been set up to use
flexible standard costing, whereas the United Kingdom uses static standard costing based
on full costs.


IDES has two sales organizations in Germany: 1000 and 1018. The products and services
marketed are clearly allocated to one division and reach the customer via different
distribution channels.

Sales organizations

The sales organizations have the following areas of responsibility: Sales organization 1000
is in charge of selling and distributing pumps, elevators, lighting, motorcycles, vehicles and
high tech products. Sales organization 1020 is responsible for consumer goods, chemical
and pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.

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