so after we have everything prepared we can start to install SAP IDES EHP8.
We are going into folder where we have extracts SWPM SAR file and run file “sapinst.exe”

All installation process running over Internet Explorer, so you need enter your administrator password and add your websiete address like trusted.

we need only essential prerequisites so we are going to Next

now we have to run again the file “sapinst.exe” and choose standard instalation

Set FQDN like local
Path to SAP Kernel 7.5 Unicode
Path to SAP Kernel Updated files (SAPEXE.SAR and SAPEXEDB.SAR)
Path to Installation Export Folder 01

Path to Installation Export Folder 012

after click on Next button it took about 35 hours till finish installation. Needed to say it was with only one user interaction, but its was realy long time.

you can click on OK button and installation will continue

Installatio for SAP server is finished and now we need client for conection and working with SAP.

We have to run file \Presentation – 7.50 Compilation 2 Presentation 1\50144807_6\BD_NW_7.0_Presentation_7.50_Comp.2\PRES1\GUI\WINDOWS\Win32\SetupAll.exe

After installation we have to setup connection to our SAP server.

Before we try to logon SAP seerver, check if the SAP server running.
Open SAP Management Console

Enter the Administrator password and wait till the server get green like this.

Now we can logon.


The data of the IDES model company can be found in client 800. The
clients 810,811,812 are very small and contain examples for ALE
In the clients 000/001 you can logon with DDIC and SAP* with the
password you have defined at the beginning of the installation as
‘Master-Password’, in the clients 8xx with the password 19920706 /
06071992 and in all clients with IDADMIN / ides123
The system already contains more than 20 languages. Set the system profile parameter zcsa/installed_languages accordingly to use them.

and we are here

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