This is the final part, there can be a lot post installation steps, like activation of another languages. changing logo on welcome screen, configuration STMS, SGEN and many more.

From my side becouse the aim was prepare SAP system for training, its chalage how to make this system pernament.
As you know after installation we have only temporary licence for 90 days and also if we want do develop we need developer key.

  • If you used Windows server 2012 R2 evaluation, its only for 180 days, but I quess you can google it and find way how to activate it.
  • If you want to learn ABAP you need developer key, but its also no big problem you can use ZAPGUI tool and generate the key
  • What can be realy problem is temporary licence for SAP System its only 90 day as you can see when you start transaction SLICENSE

Becouse the content of licence file is digitaly signed we can not easily generate the key. The only solution what I have is manipulating with the date of VM during the start Guest Os.
That means we have the same date always when we start VM.

So I created batch file that set the date before temporary licence will expired and configure it in Windows task cheduler to start the batch file during start Guest OS.
Eg. file “set_date.bat”

echo off
@date 31-12-2020

now we need disable time synchronization between Host and Guest.
I prefer to disable time synchronization on Quest OS, that means on Windows 2012 R2 Server.

We need modify registry (run reg.exe)

"ImagePath"="%SystemRoot%\System32\VBoxService.exe --disable-timesync"

After we restart VM we should have this date according batch file “31-12-2020”

That’s it. We can start to learn SAP.

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